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At imbawa.online, we are your trusted source for all kinds of beauty products for salons and SPA centers. With a wide range of high-quality products, we deliver excellence and satisfaction every time. Our commitment to your success is reflected in our slogan, “We Deliver trust with Satisfaction.” Whether it’s haircare, skincare, or body treatments, we have the perfect products to enhance your clients’ beauty and well-being. Join us in creating unforgettable experiences and making a statement in the industry. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and start a project together.

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Customer Inquiry:

The process begins when a potential customer contacts your business for a quotation. This can happen through various channels, including phone calls, emails, website inquiries, or in-person visits.

Gather Customer Information:

Collect all relevant information about the customer’s needs and requirements. This may include details about the specific products or services they are interested in, quantities, delivery preferences, and any customization or special requests.

Prepare a Price List:

Ensure you have an up-to-date price list or catalog that includes the prices of your products or services. If your pricing is complex, consider creating a pricing matrix or a detailed pricing structure.

Calculate Costs:

Determine the cost of materials, labor, overhead, and any additional expenses associated with fulfilling the customer’s request. Be as accurate as possible to avoid overestimating or underestimating costs.

Create the Quotation Document:

Use a professional quotation template or software to draft the quotation document.

Include the following information:

  • Your company’s name, logo, and contact information.
  • Customer’s name, address, and contact details.
  • Quotation number (for tracking purposes).
  • Date of the quotation.
  • Validity period (how long the quotation is valid).
  • Detailed description of the products or services offered.
  • Quantity, unit price, and total price for each item.
  • Payment terms and conditions.
  • Any applicable taxes or fees.
  • Delivery terms, including shipping costs and estimated delivery dates.
  • Special terms or conditions, if any (e.g., warranties, return policies).
  • Signature line for the customer to accept the quotation.
  • Review and Proofread:


Carefully review the quotation document to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency. Check all calculations and make sure there are no typographical errors or missing information.

Price Negotiation (Optional):

If necessary, be prepared to negotiate the terms and prices with the customer. This may involve making adjustments to the quotation to meet their budget or needs.

Send the Quotation:

Share the quotation with the customer through the preferred communication channel (email, fax, postal mail, or in person). Ensure that it reaches the right person in a timely manner.

After sending the quotation, follow up with the customer to answer any questions, address concerns, and gauge their interest in your offer. This can be done via phone or email.
Customer Acceptance:

Once the customer accepts the quotation, they may need to sign and return a copy to confirm their commitment to the terms and pricing.

Order Processing:

Upon receiving the customer’s acceptance and any required initial payment, proceed with order processing, production, or service delivery as outlined in the quotation.

Record Keeping:

Maintain a record of all quotations, including accepted and rejected ones, for future reference, auditing, and analysis.